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AR Learning is an online tutoring & homeschool services for grades K-12 and also provides career prep and event materials!


Amy McCutcheon


Featured on Tutors.com's list of "Best English Tutors in Aiken 2020"!!!


Reading/ELA (K-12)

Math (K-8)

Algebra 1


Algebra 2

Social Studies (K-8)



US History


Resume Design

Career/Job Interview Prep

Science (K-8)

Physical Science




Study Skills

Test Prep (Exit Exam, State Exams)

GED Prep

Work Keys Exams

Scholarship/College Essays

Money Management (adults/teens)


Online Tutoring

Get the extra help needed in K-12 subjects. These sessions include fun, interactive activities that move students towards mastery!

Online Classes

Classes are available from money management for adults and teens to reading and math!!! Enroll today!

Math & Reading Assessments

Find out which areas your child needs more practice with and which areas they have mastered!

Test Prep

Prepare for unit tests, standardized tests, exit exams, GED exam, and WorkKeys exams!

Resume Design

Catch the attention of potential employers with a professional resume designed and edited!


"My son really enjoyed Ms.Amy class.His confidence in reading and vocabulary has grown in four weeks .He has become more receptive and excited about reading and learning."

— Narya, Improve Reading Comprehension Class

"As far as assessments go, I think this worked well for my daughter. The results were comprehensive and detailed with a good idea of areas she is doing well in and areas where she needs to focus more. It has been a huge help for me in ensuring she is on the right path with regards to her math classes and skills."

— Jennifer M., Math Assessment

"The instructor provided many useful to practice the things my son needs to work on, and they are FUN! He even spoke up and asked for help with a homework topic, which he would never do in school. She assisted him and he proceeded with much more confidence than he had previously."

— Hollie W., Let's Master Math! Class

"My daughter said she was really great at teaching and very nice."

— Amanda D., Online Tutoring

"Amy is very engaging and makes students feel comfortable with what they are learning."

— Faith M., Improve Reading Comprehension Class