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AR Learning Subjects:


Kindergarten-8th Grade (Ages 5-14)


Math Tutoring- Individualized program to improve math skills with a goal of reaching grade level and above. Lessons are designed for skill improvement with warm ups, vocabulary, concepts, examples, and word problems. ($30/session) Book Now!

Reading Tutoring Individualized program to improve reading skills with a goal of reaching grade level and above. Lessons are designed for skill improvement with warm ups, vocabulary, phonics, fluency, comprehension, reading skills, sight words, grammar, and spelling. ($30/session) Book Now!


Kindergarten-12th Grade (Ages 5-18)


Homework Help- These sessions are for specific help with homework assignments, projects, or preparing for class tests. Subjects include math, reading/language arts, science, social studies, writing, and more! Ms. Amy can even team up with your child's teacher to keep up with progress and get assignments to help improve your child's skills or make up assignments to improve their grade! ($30/session)

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Home School- If your child is homeschooling, Ms. Amy can work as your child's Learning Coach/Tutor. As a Learning Coach, Ms. Amy can help monitor your child's progress in their classes and help with assignments. As a tutor, Ms. Amy can help build skills in areas that your child needs help in. ($30/session)    Book Now!

Coming Soon- Home School Classes!!! (TBA)


6th Grade-Adult (Ages 10+)


Proofreading/Writing Tutoring- Get essays, book drafts, or other written drafts proofread so that you turn in the best quality and correct written work. Also get tutoring on writing skills following the writing process and specific writing formats. ($5/page) Book Now!


9th Grade-Adult (Ages 14+)


Resume Design- Simply choose a date and time you would like your resume completed and an email request will be sent asking for the resume details. Your resume will be completed by the booked time and sent to you in PDF format with your style choice and details about your experience, skills, and education to stand out with any employer! ($15)

See Style Options Here! Book Now!


Invitations/Programs- Book a slot to have stationery items completed and sent to you. These stationery items include event invitations, event programs, thank you cards, bottle labels, address labels, business cards, and MORE! See Gallery! Book Now!


ACT WorkKeys Exam Tutoring- Prepare for the WorkKeys test with practice sessions and skills review for various portions of the test such as Applied Math, Workplace Documents, Workplace Observation, Reading for Information, Locating Information, and MORE! Brush up on skills to make sure you score at the required level! ($30/session) Book Now!


GED Tutoring- Prepare for the GED exam with practice tests sessions and skills review for various topics such as Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Be prepared to pass each section and receive that certificate! ($30/session) Book Now!


ESL Tutoring- Learn English with fun lessons that focus on correct pronunciations, phonics, sight words, conversations, repetition, and vocabulary. Each session is meant to add to your English language skill! ($30/session) Book Now!



Reading Assessment- Students will complete various reading questions that will determine the child's mastery level in skills including high frequency words, word recognition, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension, and their specific sub-topics! Sessions are Mondays and Tuesdays at 1pm EST.


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Math Assessment- Students will complete various math questions from grades K-7 that will determine the child's mastery level in skills including numbers and operations, measurement, data analysis, geometry, algebra, and their specific sub-topics! Sessions are Mondays and Tuesdays at 2pm EST.


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Online Courses


"Money Management Like a Pro" Video Course (Ages 17+)- Learn at your own pace how to budget your money, save more, pay off debt, lower bills, make more money, make expensive purchases with no stress, and teach your children good money management! This class includes explanations, demonstrations, a full workbook, and resources to cut costs like bringing student loan payments from hundreds of dollars a month to $0/month!

Lessons Include:

Lesson 1- Money Management Issues

Lesson 2- Creating A Budget

Lesson 3- Growing A Savings

Lesson 4- Cutting Costs

Lesson 5- $50 Grocery Budget

Lesson 6- Managing Credit

Lesson 7- Paying Off Debt

Lesson 8- Complete Action Plan

Lesson 9- Finance Skills For Your Children

Lesson 10- Increase Your Income


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"Improving Reading Comprehension" Video Course (Ages 8-13)- Your child will get a breakdown of specific reading skills to improve reading comprehension. The lessons include skills demonstrations and practice, fluency practice, vocabulary practice, and comprehension practice while building your child's confidence and independence in reading. The class is at your own pace and includes assignments with each lesson.

Lessons Include:

Lesson 1: Introduction, Fluency, Subject &


Lesson 2: Main Idea, Summarize, Plot

Lesson 3: Vocabulary, Tone, Figure Of Speech

Lesson 4: Compare/Contrast, Fact/Opinion,


Lesson 5: Sequence

Lesson 6: Author’s Purpose

Lesson 7: Background Knowledge, Drawing

               Conclusion, Inference, Prediction

Lesson 8: Self-Questioning, Prediction,


Lesson 9: Comprehension Practice

Lesson 10: Spelling

Lesson 11: Fun With Reading

Lesson 12: Book Talks


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Money Management Live Online Class (Ages 17+)- This class is a 4-week mini-course of the full money management video course. This class meets on Thursdays at 7:30pm. Topics covered include budgeting, saving, paying off debt, and credit scores. Also, bring any questions to class so they can be addressed! This class also includes access to the "Money Management Like a Pro" course workbook.


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"Let's Master Math" Online Class (Ages 8-13)- This class is a 4-week class that meets every Tuesday. In this class, we practice various math skills that students need to work on. Students come to class with questions about certain problem areas (including homework), and we work on those skills and concepts until the student can work them out on their on!


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"Improving Reading Comprehension" Online Class (Ages 8-13)- This class is a 4-week class that meets on Mondays. The full video course is included, plus 4 live sessions online to practice reading. Each session includes practice with comprehension skills, fluency, vocabulary, and reading games! Students will receive a certification for meeting their reading goals and completing the class.


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Teen Personal Finance (Ages 11-16)- Students will learn the skills and processes of managing money and how to complete financial tasks in preparation for financial independence in adulthood.

Lessons Include:

Class 1- Opening an Account/Balancing a Checkbook
Class 2- Writing Checks
Class 3- Finding a Job
Class 4- How to Save
Class 5- Kick Start Your Credit
Class 6- Your First Bills/Loans
Class 7- How to Budget
Class 8- Buying a Car
Class 9- Finding an Apartment
Class 10- Buying Furniture
Class 11- Buying Groceries
Class 12- Fun on a Budget!
Class 13- Taxes/Insurance
Class 14- Emergencies
Class 15- Review & Questions
Class 16- Results/Awards


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